City on Fire

My new single available now.

First, chocolate. I like it dark. Real dark. Like 85% dark. And not on top of fruit. Because that is NOT how you serve chocolate.
Now we can move on to the nonessentials.
I’m a musician, poet, and author. My music showcases my love of electronic/rock, a genre that lets me create a layered backdrop for introspective and poetic lyrics. My newest single (“City on Fire”) is out now, and my EP will be released in 2022. I’m working on a sci-fi/fantasy novel which I hope to finish before I die. Come along if you like songs and stories that are sometimes sad and angry, often layered with emotion, and always honest.

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Books & Music

City on Fire

New single releases July 9, 2021. Streaming on all digital platforms.

Sea Between: A Collection

Debuted as #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Poetry About Nature category.

flatlay photo of Sea Between: poetry collection by indie author Jessica Cotten
Latest Journal Entries

City on Fire

My song “City on Fire” was released July 9, 2021. I wrote it off and on from 2016–2020, when it felt like so many things were falling apart…but it also felt like they needed to fall apart. So, if at any point during those years you felt disillusioned, angry, afraid,...

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Me, Her, and Words Like Swords

We stood on the precipice, the wind bellowing in my ears and whipping her long dress and hair all about. She was taller than me. I had somehow forgotten about that. Maybe because she never feels intimidating.   It was easy to be with her. Even today. Even...

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The Circus Is On

I would like to gather somewhere, Move with Belong to Partake in something Worthwhile Without the bologna of A group of well-dressed men Sitting on the front row Reveling in their hierarchy. Stages are set For the well-dressed. Megaphones handed To those with stories...

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“You are a field of wildflowers in a world of manicured lawns.”
From Sea Between