Edge of the Wilderness Instrumentals

Instrumental mixes of my electronica release, Edge of the Wilderness. The instrumentals bring immersive ambient sounds and textured beats, with space for the music to breathe. Perfect for working or relaxation background music!

Released March of 2023 to all music platforms.

Edge of the Wilderness

New EP released January 20, 2023. Immersive electronic textures, visceral rock dynamics, & infectious pop melodies + deeply personal stories of pain, loss, & love. It’s a protest, a ballad, a journal & a ride through uncharted realms.

Available now on all music platforms.

Whenever I’m creating, the thing I enjoy most is the ability it gives me to express emotions. To communicate something that’s deep and true. From music, to poetry, to social media posts, to my taking-forever-to-finish novel, it’s all about getting what’s swirling around on the inside OUT. So. Nice to meet you.

photo of Jessica Cotten, electronic pop musician

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edge of the wilderness instrumentals album graphic by jessica cotten

Edge of the Wilderness Instrumentals

Instrumental electronic mixes of Edge of the Wilderness. Released March 2023, streaming on all music platforms.

edge of the wilderness artwork graphic by jessica cotten

Edge of the Wilderness

New electronic pop rock EP of all original music. Released January 20, 2023 to all music platforms.

flatlay photo of Sea Between: poetry collection by indie author Jessica Cotten

Sea Between: A Collection

Debuted as #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Poetry About Nature category.

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“Her voice is angelic and calm juxtaposed against her guttural lyrics.”

— Modern Mystery Blog

Edge of the Wilderness is a refreshingly open EP. While most artists avoid such heavy topics, Jessica leans in and says what she means without any apologies. I highly recommend listening to Edge of the Wilderness.”

— Subba Cultcha

“Oh my gosh, album is BEAUTIFUL”

— My friend Lauren

“Very pleasant and relaxing composition. Perfect full listening sounds that were arranged so well. The piano theme in the background is beautiful, capturing just the right emotion that progresses further with each new layer of harmony. The voice near the end is so wonderful, very dreamy and gentle.”

— Nagamag.com

“I recommend to everyone that it’s a great headphones record!”

— My friend Tom