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“Family of fire, sojourners of skies, companions to darkness, once absent, now alive.”
— From Sea Between

City on Fire

My new single, releasing July 9, 2021. I wrote “City on Fire” off and on from 2016-2020. If at any point during those years you felt disillusioned, angry, afraid, utterly confused, or disappointed – or if you currently feel any of these things – I think you might like this song.

Indie electronica rock.

Available on all digital music platforms.

Cover artwork for City On Fire, new single from Jessica Cotten

Sea Between: A Collection

Debuted as #1 New Release on Amazon in Poetry About Nature Category in the first week of June, 2019 // We tend to let life happen. Days pass and we lose sight of ourselves with such ease. We work, we sleep, we dream, we give up, we win, we lose, we trudge through our real-life events like we’re scrolling through a social media feed. We numb ourselves with busyness. But what about the intricacies of life? What about how the events of each day actually affect us?

Poetry helps us to embrace life, instead of skimming through it. Poetry helps us to feel, reminding us that we have a heart. If we let it, poetry will help us hurt…and help us heal. It tells us stories about ourselves and about our world. Poetry pulls us out of the rat race and reminds us who we are. It shatters the mask that society asks us to wear and provides us with sacred moments of authenticity and contemplation. The world needs more poetry.

A rescue for those who tire of busyness, division, and deception, Sea Between: A Collection offers a pause for reflection and a chance to pursue the deeper meanings of life. Jessica invites us to re-discover calm, thoughtfulness, creativity, and love.

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