Oh cheap expectations, why do you plague humanity?

Oh humanity, why are you infatuated with form and substance and things you can see and fully figure out?

There is depth beyond what we see, hear, feel, touch, and there is wave after wave after wave of unveiling.

“I wonder…”.  My happy place.

Die to the satisfaction of having the Great King all figured out and wrapped up in a tidy box.  Roam free in the mystery.

Oh, how boring are the boxes of those who’ve been pierced by the sword of safety.

Our days on earth are but a shadow.  Job 8:9.  A shadow, a hint, a profile, a glimmer of what is beyond.  These days may be inferior to those days ahead… but if they are any reflection at all of what lies beyond, if there is any connection at all, then there must be some fun to be had here in exploring that which stretches our understanding.

Comfort zones.  Glass walls, separating us from the more.  We can feel in our gut there is more on the other side, we can see with our spirit man what lies past.

We shatter the glass with our “Yes.”