“Talk to me.

Cause I know You lots of ways.  Sometimes when the wind blows a certain strength and decibel, I could swear it’s Your breath… like You’re actually taking the time to really touch us here… Your breath (the wind) on our skin, Your voice (the wind) in our spirits.

And sometimes You have sent messages to me so unexpected that You had to keep sending them over and over for me to actually get it.  Like the dragonfly that wouldn’t leave me alone.  The flowers that wouldn’t stop growing.  The movies and TV shows with story lines that were more prophetic in nature than any futurist could ever discern about me.

You always talk to me.  At times it’s in ways I don’t think anyone else would ever understand.  And I like it that way.  I like our language.  I like how You get me.  I like Your nearness, I like how You reach for me, and I like how You keep communication interesting.


I wish everyone knew You like that.”