Cornfields ripple in the wind,
Stalks swaying, without a care in the world
Slender leaves shimmering in the sunlight
Sky of summer blue
Grasses tickled by the current,
Empty railroad track stretching across.

This is the place where I buried you
Though your gravestone is hundreds of miles away.
This is the place 
I let you go.

I watch, mesmerized
As I sit in my car
Music blasting, bass pumping
And you, hand in your pocket, smiling at me.
I’m not surprised you’re surrounded by stacks of books and newspapers,
Loving life.
You see me fully now,
And love me all the more for it.

I hold onto you here
As the cornfields dance.
This is our place,
Our connection unbroken.
Time slows,
Containing a moment 
More profound
Than a poem
Could convey.

Thanks for being here when I need it.

Also, thanks to the cornfields
For carrying the memories,
And holding them close
For me.

It occurred to me later
That some things,
And some people,
(And sometimes even our own mind)
Will try to rob us of experiences like this,
Try to rob us of our connection to love.

We mustn’t let them.

Love is too important.