And then, just like that, it’s over.

A world of intellectual stimulation, discovery, free thinking, stretching, a world that gave me a sense of direction & purpose, was here for seven months and then… just gone.

Who was I before this, and who am I now?

What exactly was this all about, and could I do it all again?  Or, rather, should I do it again.  Is it mine to embrace and explore.  Is it a destiny to fulfill.

I don’t know.

Seems like I have more options now.

And more insecurities?  Maybe.

But I have come so far.

Still, the idea in my head, the me that I see, has yet to be fully realized.  I’m still scared.  And still unsure of myself.  Yet not as much as before, that’s for sure.  And that’s incredible.

So what’s going on here?  What is this, what has this been about… and what am I to do with all my likes and dislikes now?

I still want you more than ever, God.

Real life, mystical, felt touches and encounters with you.  My heart craves your words.