I am tired of the way things look and the way they sound and I am tired of my own voice echoing in my head as I stumble upon rut after rut in culture.

Days long past are the common goal of so many.  They cling to yesterday like it’s a prize they won, a once in a lifetime reward to be admired and attained by all generations to come.  They live there on the shelf with their prize from the 1990’s.

Only it’s 2015.

Yesterday is already old.

Don’t stay behind.

The sounds, the thoughts, the space in which to roam; we press on to explore them.  Divergent thinking is a wind that will carry us to promising places.

Everything we thought was great about the good old days was great and amazing… for the good old days.  Please don’t stay there in those days.  We have more good days to come.

When you talk about the past and all its glory, as if it’s some heroic giant, we get stuck in its shadow.

But our dreams are too big for the shadows.

Divergent thinking conflicts with yesterday’s standards.

Our present and our future, they call to us with their possibilities.

We can not sit here and try to revive all of our precious moments.  We must loose ourselves from their grip.  We simply can not afford to miss out on exploring what we do not yet know.