My newest single, “My Heroes”, released June 3. I could not be more ecstatic to have this song finally out and about in the world!

I hesitate to try to explain what my songs are about because a) they’re often about lots of things, and b) I want them to speak to people however they end up speaking, without me interfering with any sort of cumbersome explanation that might water them down.

But this one is different. It has me wanting to drop a little bit of explanation.

“My Heroes” is about my experience as a female with gender discrimination and the systems that perpetuate it. It’s about the ridiculousness of it, the pain it causes everyone, and the path it has taken for me to rise above it. It’s about how so many of the ways we measure success and heroism are harmful.

I’ve been in so many environments that champion maleness and diminish femaleness. Environments that make plenty of room for males and not plenty of room for females (who are often just as – or more – qualified for the same roles).

Sometimes you can stick around at a place and try to change the system from the inside. Sometimes you have to leave the place. Sometimes leaving is best.

Some of my biggest heroes are people the world doesn’t pay attention to. Those who defy the toxic definitions of success, leadership, and power.

I hope I can always work towards moving the needle in the direction of equality and belonging. The way I feel most compelled to do that right now is by telling stories. And this is one of them.

“My Heroes” is available for your listening pleasure everywhere.

Watch the official lyric video here →

“My Heroes”

Save me
I don’t want to stay here
I have had to bury more than you know               
All because you refuse to listen
Save me
From the domination
You want me invisible even though
I’m the one making all the difference

Nothing I can do to change your minds
Leaving is the only way sometimes
To live but I still die a little bit inside

Save me
I don’t want to hate you
Every time the words come out of your mouth 
Play the part
I know you won’t lose

Nothing I can do to change your minds
Leaving is the only way sometimes
To live but I still die a little bit inside

I’m tired of fighting
For my place, for a place
What else is there to do
When you tell me

Keep your head down
Don’t look up
Say the right thing
Not too much
Nothing is ever enough
Nothing is ever enough
I came in peace
But it cost so much

My heroes go another way
Through shadows
In obscurity
Our present is their history 
My heroes
Travel lightly here
As strangers
Walking through my dreams
Conforming is a trivial thing

Composer and Lyricist: Jessica Cotten
Vocals, Keys: Jessica Cotten
Producer, Mixer, Engineer: Josh Bahl
Drums: Adam Bahl
Mastering Engineer: Joe Causey
Recorded at Attic Recording Studio
Lyric Video Creator: Joseph Cotten